Present Simple

We mostly use Present Simple when we express:

  • general truths and facts:
    The Sun gives life to the Earth.
  • regular or repeated situations/actions:
    We go to mountains every month.
  • instructions:
    First, I learn new words, then I can relax.

The easiest way to remember this tense is to learn its key words:
often, always, never, every day, every month,...,
usually, sometimes, generally, normally, rarely, seldom, whenever...
on Mondays, on Tuesdays,...

The Simple Present Tense in sentences with the given verb: TO READ

Present Simple


  • He/she/it verbs ends in - s:
    He reads books every day.
  • In negative and question forms he/she/it use DOES:
    He does not read.
    Does he read?
  • Verbs ending in -y : the third person changes the -y to -ies:
    study - studies
    He studies very hard.
  • Add -es to verbs ending in:-ss, -x, -sh, -ch:
    he passes, she catches, he fixes, it pushes
  • The verb TO HAVE in use of he/she/it in affirmative sentence forms HAS:
    She has many books at home.