The Future Simple (Indefinite) Tense

The Future Simple (Indefinite) Tense is used to express actions in the future period.

Key words:

  • In 2018 (next year)
  • In a few minutes
  • In a little time
  • In future
  • In the coming days
  • In the years to come
  • Later
  • Next month
  • Next week
  • Next year
  • On next Monday
  • Shortly
  • Soon
  • Today evening
  • Tomorrow
  • With in a week

The The Future Simple Tense in sentences with the given verb: TO READ

The Future Simple (Indefinite) Tense

Note: In modern English instead of shall, will is often used. Shall is mainly used with I and we to make an offer or suggestion, or to ask for advice.


  • I will = I'll
  • We will = we'll
  • You will = you'll
  • He will = he'll
  • She will = she'll
  • They will = they'll