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My name is David

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Read the following text.

Hi! Nice to meet you! My name is David White. I am 23 and a teacher in college. I work at a college in Houston.

I teach Geometry and Mathematics. My colleagues are very friendly and smart. I like to work here. I love it!

I live in a big house on Star Street. It’s not far from the city center. I live alone.

I have a younger brother. He just started high school. He is 17 and lives with my parents. They live on Mulberry Street in New York. Sometimes they visit me in Houston. I am happy when they visit. My Mom and Dad always bring me cookies and fruits when they come.

Answer the questions.
1) What is David’s job?
  • a doctor
  • a teacher
  • an administrator
2) Where does he live?
  • in Chicago
  • In New York
  • in Houston
3) Where is his house?
  • on Star Street
  • on Mulberry Street
  • on Square Street
4) Who does he live with?
  • with family
  • alone
  • with friends
5) How often does his family visit him?
  • every year
  • sometimes
  • very often