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My sister’s day

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Read the following text.

First, she wakes up. Then, she gets dressed. She walks to school. She does not ride a bike. She does not ride the bus. She likes to go to school. It rains. She does not like rain. She has lunch. She has a sandwich and an apple.

She goes outside. She likes to play with her friends. She likes a book. She likes to read books. She walks home.She does not like walking home. My mother cooks chicken for dinner. The chicken is delicious. Then, she goes to bed. She does not like to go to bed.

Answer the questions.
1) How does she get to school?
  • she drives a car
  • she walks
  • she gets by the bus
2) What does she have for dinner?
  • fruits
  • salad
  • chicken
3) What she does not like.
  • going to bed
  • going to school
  • chicken soup
4) Who does she like to play outside?
  • she likes to play alone
  • with sisters
  • with friends